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has arrived! Here’s just a couple images from the hospital while he was warming up after his first bath. More to come after his official photoshoot! 🙂

peace & pictures,

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  • Gramps

    What a handsome little guy! Kids it’s time to take a break. Please!

  • uncle ken aunt lynn

    So sweet……congrats

  • Cheryl S

    Beautiful baby boy! Love his name! (Gramps, you asked for it…you got it!) ha

  • Katie & Andy

    Thank you for capturing those first moments! Big brother said immediately, “My baby!” when we showed him these just now. We are grateful for you! Gramps, I agree with Cheryl and my mom says the same!

  • Aunt Cici

    No way….the more the merrier!!!! Love this little guy sooo much <3

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