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It was a humid Michigan summer morning but Leah pulled it off like a pro! I had the pleasure of meeting Leah a couple of years ago when I photographed her older sister. I thought it was sweet that she did the same location as big sis. Meet Leah!

Leah plays soccer and is hoping to play for the college she attends. She’s been playing since she was 3!
She also likes singing and is currently into Mama Mia!
Leah’s a super sonic speed reader (or at least I’m giving her that title), who reads one or two books a week!
We took image of Leah in her top school choices and I can’t wait to see which she’ll end up attending!
She has killer green eyes and red hair (color me jealous).

Check out Leah!

Leah, I hope you had as much fun as I did!



My 2018 calendar is filling fast! If you’d like info for senior portraits drop me a note!

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