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The hubby and I had our 10 year anniversary last fall and celebrated in our favorite way to celebrate anything, traveling! Oh sweet sweet travel, how I love you so! First up on the itinerary was Iceland! So jaw dropping and totally different then any other place I’ve ever traveled! Lava fields, waterfalls, snow capped mountains, hot springs, caves, black beaches…a must for anyone who loves to be outside, explore and hike! Although, I’m still wondering why the vikings thought this was a place to settle, certainly not the easiest place to survive!

And for the second half of our trip we went to Amsterdam. Stay tuned.
peace & pictures,

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  • Katie

    Indescribable beauty–breathtaking! Nolan and I love them all–and that amazing sky, all so remote.

  • Jean Smith

    Gahhhhhhhhh! These images are so gorgeous!! I recognize some of the places, but would love to hear about everywhere you went and your experiences!

  • Cheryl S

    Wow. Gorgeous.

  • Rebecca Pavy

    OMG! Thank you!

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