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in November when you live in Michigan is good. It’s even better when one of your friends that you’ve known the longest has you come down to photograph her family and her wedding (more on the that soon) on the beach…in November…and there’s a snowstorm while you’re there. Yes, my job’s good. 🙂 Some of the most fun, funny, awesome times of my life Jen was right there with me. We have more stories and inside jokes then I could count. Every girl needs a friend like Jen. I’m so happy for her, her new handsome hubby and their five (!) great kids! Check them out:

Sooo excited to share what I took of the wedding day soon!!!
peace & pictures,

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  • Cheryl S.

    What a gorgeous family….and could that baby’s lashes be any longer? Beautiful photos ,Kelli (and I probably don’t want to hear any of those stories from the high school years!).

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