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got my Mabel into the studio! If you missed her story and how we got her you can read it here.  She wasn’t thrilled with the studio but thankfully my friend Gabi, her puppy Kelinn and her cat were there to help. So if you need a good smile picture this: my trying to photograph my own rescue dog who doesn’t even know how to sit on command in a strange studio. Add in Gabi holding Kelinn over my head so Mabel wouldn’t look completely miserable and was somewhat interested, all the while just wanting to play with the three legged cat instead. Yep, that’s the behind the scenes.

peace & pictures,

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  • Jen Krupa

    She’s really beautiful Kel….and she’s so lucky to have your family as her own now. I don’t know many other people (aside from myself) who love dogs as much as you. Heck. I think I like them more than my kids…at times!!

  • connie good

    beautiful dog kelli & great pic’s of her too!

  • Cheryl S

    Love that granddog, Mabel!

  • peggy webster

    omg what a face she is so cute, and you captured her
    perfectly, I would take her in a heart beat, and sometimes
    its good when people or dogs march to their own drummer, it makes life interesting

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