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is TWO! My last baby has turned into a little man! He is a big little reader so taking him to the library for some two year old pictures seemed perfect and it was, I had to work to get him to look at me instead of the books! Here’s a little more about my little guy:

Lover of: Reading, tow trucks, coloring, puzzles and playing hockey with big brother
Not a fan of: Sitting still for too long
Talent: He knows more then half of his letters already
Current projects: Learning his colors
Current favorite food: Pomegranate seeds and strawberries

I hope his choice of book is a reflection of our near future success! 😉

Check out the book he picked on his own that I didn’t notice until I was editing these images! ha!! Typical boy!

Happy Birthday to my little Finnegan!
I’m going to enjoy every moment of the “terrible” two’s and ignore what I know is coming with the age of 3! ha!

peace & pictures,

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  • Jill S

    Happy birthday, buddy! Love that he is checking out the Potty book. Definitely a good choice. 🙂

  • Nana

    I love the pictures and yes, the potty book makes us all hopeful! ha Love you, Finn Man!

  • nicole

    Sweet baby boy! These are beautiful! And do I see him doing the same ‘tongue’ thing that Sutton does?!!

  • Katie

    Beyond precious! Happy birthday sweet buddy!

  • carol

    We have the most adorable grandkids ever!!
    Happy birthday-we love you!

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