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If you saw my blog post here then you will know summer of 2007 was a busy one for us! Both my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were married just three weeks apart! So it’s my sister-in-law and her families turn to celebrate 10 years with a family portrait session! But in addition to a big fat happy 10 years, I want to draw attention to what happily ever after has looked like for them while bringing awareness to something I was completely unaware of until my loving little niece Lydia came along.

My sweet niece Lydia has severe speech Apraxia which means she has difficulty putting sounds together and speaking. You can read more about Lydia’s story here explained much by her Mom. Hats off to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law in their journey with Lydia. It certainly hasn’t been easy for them! Lydia has thrown them some curve balls since she was in the womb! But happily ever after isn’t stress free or perfect and they have done a remarkable job of doing everything they can to make sure Lydia thrives!

So check out my awesome nieces! If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lydia, you know she is the sweetest most loving little girl and you probably didn’t realize she wasn’t talking because she’s too busy hugging you. And amazing big sister Melanie who I can’t believe is going to be a big first grader next year!

Happy 10 year anniversary Kathy and Andy! 🙂



Is it your turn for family portraits?! Give me a shout for more info.

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